Well, some say to come together as a community or a nation…but what about coming together as a planet. I know a lot of people have said world peace, this is different.

One thing after another happens in this world, like wars, new diseases, hunger, thirst, and and natural disasters, what can I do? It’s only me, what difference can I make? These are the questions we ask, but it’s not just you! In fact, is someone were to say something to stand up and do it, others would join in. No matter how small the group, if it’s true in their hearts, it will grow, they will spread the word of their goal, and others will ask them-selves: Is that what I want to do? Ins’t that kind of like what i thought would help? How can I help?

There doesn’t have to be absolute peace in the world for there to be good, generous, helpful, and kind spirits! No matter what race, color religion, or gender, there is good in all, people were born to choices not evil. Evil is s choice not a kind of person born here, babies are innocent from their first breath until they choose to do wrong, they are not bad, they just made a bad choice. So join together, and do something good to show the greatness in planet Earth.

Take the fallen apart things and fix them with whatever means possible, but don’t do it alone.