Well, it’s right around the corner, Thanksgiving that is! Lots of work to have a group of Family and friends around the the table, eating all day and enjoying company! Some times things pop up and people are unable to decorate or set out snacks, and you either may need decorations fast, or something so distract your guest while you get the snacks! Well this will help!

Decorations: Fancy decorations are a hassle and costly, but the fall weather is here and that makes it super easy and fun for kids to help you! First all you really need are twenty or so good orange and or yellow maple leaves, that’s to find this time of year! You’ll bring then in side and rinse them well in the sink, after they’re rinsed set them on paper towels to dry. Try not to put them in layers. DON’T try to blow dry them or heat them up in any way they’ll get super dry and start cracking! If that happens it will be a mess for weeks! So if you’re in a rush pat them a little, it shouldn’t take more that 20-30 minutes, if they’re still a little wet don’t worry they need to last a bit. Take then out side in a plastic bag and spray air freshener on the top of the leaf pile, shake, be GENITAL. This will get rid or the out side smell and replace it with a great smell of you’re choice, so it would be best if it was a fall smell, but if you don’t have anything like that its fine. Don’t go over bored with the spray, you’ll be cooking and the smells will mix in a very bad way, making it uneasy for the guests. Next, take a hot glue gun and glue two to three leaves together, no more. Don’t do this to all the leaves! Place one bundle under a vase with freshly picked flowers, then you should figure out where the rest of the bundles go. The single leaves should be places under the EMPTY cups on the dining table or coffee tables. Now if you have children they will probably wan to decorate the leaves more, if that happens small flower heads hot glued on top of the leaves, but make sure you can put the cups or vases on top with out smashing the flowers, that would make the whole reason of having them on there useless. If you have balloons get a maker and draw maple leaves on them, if you’re kids still want to decorate! Get creative!


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Activities: Take the electronics away for a bit and enjoy family time with a couple games! Around this time of year it’s family time, so enjoy family time without the electronics, a day off for the holidays, no work, no teenage drama, no fits from the kids, and no distractions from the outside world! Look most family holidays are completely ruined by work, drama, fits, and social media, and this is a great time to be happy with family until you have to baste the turkey again. If a normal sized household family were to put the phones and other devices away, just for the holidays around the year, 89% of them would enjoy the rest of the year at least 49% more and look forward to the holidays with family. Kids who are together around their family during the holidays are more likely to have holiday traditions passed on to their kids, and they will learn to love themselves and have better personality qualities, made by themselves, on their own. So a big parental problem may be lifted up by having fun on the holidays with friends and family, it’s not only the family that counts! Try to invite friends too, make sure your family can tolerate the friends, because if they can’t, it will create term oil. Don’t pick friends over family, if this happens, family will not understand why you picked the friend over your family, but your friends will understand why you picked the family over them, if they don’t they’re not real friends, family is everything in the end. Family is blood, friends are thoughts.

Now to the games, pick family friendly games if you have kids, it’s good to start them out on the right track, and not to leave them out! When they’re asleep is when you can pick a game of your choice! Pick something like a board game or Charades! Make sure you have a lot of back up games and you’re always a good sport! This will make sure of a night of fun!wordpress 1www.fluentu.com

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