Well are you worried about your, or your child’s, safety online? Anything from scammers, to viruses beings sent, to pedophiles? Well there are things you can do besides being locked up in tower!


First for the scammers, don’t click on ads, at all. Don’t listen to deals that sound to good with out knowing for sure what you’re doing. If they ask for your credit card number, don’t give it, personal information, anything that seems uncomfortable to give, just don’t give it! No matter how good the deal is, you’re going to get it bad, and they’re going to get a good pay day!

Graphic by Joel Becker/Dunn County News
Graphic by Joel Becker/Dunn County News


Next the viruses! Almost the same thing, don’t click on ads. Don’t answer emails from people you don’t know, and on unknown websites don’t click the image! It could have a virus attached to the picture! Don’t download any thing from websites that aren’t reputable! How can I tell if they’re reputable or not? If a lot of people have no clue what that site is (check with real people and don’t rely on the comment section), if words are spelled wrong or they use (gonna, wanna, cuz, lol, brb, jk, ttyl, c u, u, ur, bae, etc., same with scams), and if things they say are totally strange, or they rely upon wiki for they’re main information site resource, don’t click on anything and get on to a real site! To stop the viruses from getting to your computer, tablet, or phone, download AVG, the free version won’t let you download anything with a virus on it and it will warn you if you’re on a site with potentially harmful software that will embed it’s self into your devices hardware, and it’s costly to get the viruses removes. Most common viruses are Malware, and Trojans, Trojans are terrible and will ruin your device, and it costs anywhere from $60-$100 to have it removed (including Malware).




Next to protect your body or kid’s body! Nothing is more important than to keep your physical beaning safe! To stay protected don’t talk to anyone you don’t know in real life, don’t give them personal information, don’t send pictures of yourself or others, and don’t, no matter what any one says, don’t go and meet them, not even with a friend! These are the things they look for to stalk you, find you, and kidnap you! Following these are some ways to be safe, even it they say they’re a little girl or little boy of whatever age, those type of people will lie to get you out and about, talking to them, giving them personal information, if they’re hackers you send them a message they can ping that message and find where you live, where you go to school, where your friends live, and or where you work, even all the way to your daily habits if you talk to them enough! So stay safe and follow these guidelines, stay out of trouble, and don’t give anyone you’re personal information!

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