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Well summer is gone no more sun where I am, and winter is on the edge creeping into the green state of Oregon! It may still be Fall for now, but it won’t be forever, lot’s of people are looking forward to the snow, but not the heating bill!

After you come in from the outside you’re going to be looking for a warm place to sit and relax, but you don’t want the heating bill to sky rocket, and you don’t want to bundle up in your own house!  “This is crazy I can’t pay this bill!” Is this what you find your self saying every winter? Well you don’t have to anymore! There are ways to keep warm without bundling or the billing!

First off we’ll address the ways to keep the inside of your house warm without using the heater. When you have your blinds or drapes open the house temperature correlates with the amount of light coming in the windows, when it’s dark outside it’s cold inside, when the sun is out it’s going to be warmer inside, but in the winter it may be a little different, so when it’s sunny (or at least light out), open the blinds or drapes to let the light get in through the windows. Just try it, but don’t forget to close the blinds or drapes when it gets dark outside.

If that doesn’t work out, try to get some insulated drapes, the kind that is going to work out for both your house and your wallet. If you just don’t know what to get ask friends, or search online, or even ask someone who works in that area of the store. This is sure to get you a fair price without giving up your warmth (when asking a friend, don’t go for someone who makes a lot more and who can afford to spend extra on the drapes)!

If the drapes don’t work out because you have too many windows, or you already spent hundreds for drapes when you bought the place, try drinking hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or other hot beverages to warm up your body, and if you are looking for something to watch on T.V. go for something with an outcome to be happy, not something gruesome or bone chilling, because that’s exactly what it’s going to do.

If none of these even come close to working, pocket warmers and space heaters! Try not to get an old space heater, they just don’t work as well!



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