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December 2015

Minecraft Movie!

Part 1: The strange things Carlo finds when searching for a snack in this strange house gets him in a lot of trouble, the adventure and hunger leads him to his destiny. Adventure and survival will lead to the life Carlo needs to pursue away from Sebastian. He will have to be strong to live. Part 1 ends 55 minutes through and continues with “Minecraft Comes to Life” by CarFlo. Watching it all the way through will give you some look what is going on here, and Oliver, Carlo’s friend will come later on. This will become a hot spot for this Show, the adventure will continue next week on the 22nd. Keep posted for the upcoming dates until the adventures end I will post a continuing episode every week.


Picking Perfect Pets!

Knowing that you want a pet for the household, just for yourself, or others, but not knowing what kind of pet to get is stressful, here’s something that might relieve that stress.

When looking for the right pet you need to understand why you’re getting that pet, the people it’ll be around, what age range the pet will be around, and the pets qualities and or behavior.

Understanding Why: When you get a pet is it for comfort, play, protection, or a legalized companion pet. Comfort pets are usually cats or dogs. Play are anything from cats or fish, to birds or turtles, dogs or snakes, spiders or hamsters, but for running around the yard dogs and or cats are the best; most others won’t want to go outside or can’t because of the cold or getting loose. Protection is usually a big dog, German Sheppard, Lab, Retriever, Husky, Pit Bulls, Bull Dogs, anything that will be loyal and still pack a punch to an intruder. If you have kids in the house it’s probably not a good idea to have a protecting dog, they are trained to detect certain things ruff housing, running, yelling, anything along they lines of that they could mistake for an intruder or dangerous actions, they might attack the child. If they get loose it’s a good idea to call Animal Patrol they are trained and skilled in taking care of these types of dogs that get loose, don’t chase after one of these dogs, you might get bit or worse let the neighbor hood know not to run after the dog. It’s a bad idea to let the dog out for a long period of time the longer the dog is left out alone, the greater chance a child or another might approach it and get attacked. Legalized companion is almost any animal possible, that is, if you have gone and got the papers and paid to have it legalized, it only costs about $50-$60 to get it all done, but it’s worth it for other purposes, you can then take the animal in to almost any store and or public

Understanding People: Strange people will almost always be around you’re pet so it doesn’t really matter what kind of animal you get, just make sure it’s well behaved, tell people if it is miss behaved or doesn’t like other people so you don’t get in trouble no matter what kind or dog, in case a child wants to pet your dog, in case the bites or does anything the person can sue you for.

Understanding Age: Small animals are good for small kids, small animals are always better for someone who has a disability. Smaller kids tend to mistreat the animal, not in the way it would count as animal abuse, but just being rough with it until they understand small/medium size (or at least not fully grown yet but not a baby) so it stand the rough actions.                        

When getting a snake do not get one that can grow very big if you have children or are planning on having children, they snake could harm your child and if it got out it could be dangerous for you and others.              Super Cute~!

Hopefully this post caught your interest and it helped you with your animal selection.

Plastic Nails v.s. Pro Nail Job


Well the controversy of store bought to acrylic still stands:

  1. “What kind should I use?”
  2. “What would be best for me and my nails?”
  3. “What’s more cost effective but worth it?”
  4. “What will take less time but be worth my time?”
  5. “What will be easiest to use?”
  6. “What do others prefer in my age range?”

These are questions many women and young ladies ask them selves to make their nails look beautiful without the hassle of painting them just to watch them chip.

  1. What kind  you use will be up to you and this post is to help you out with you choice.
  2. The best kind of fake nails you to use are store bought (Claire’s are the good quality ones), because if you want to take the acrylic nails off, they are attached to your nails as tightly as humanly possible, fake store bought nails are easy to remove, and won’t damage your nail bed. If that’s damaged it will take ten months to grow back, but that’s only if you rip them of, let them grow out a bit and  file them down (that’s the alternative to the chemical bath to get them off).
  3. Store bought nails are the cheapest, but won’t hold as good as acrylic nails will, but if you get a good quality nail/nail glue, it will be truly worth it. Good quality store bought nails for about twenty-four nails is about $6.50 without tax (Claire’s average price).
  4. Store bought nails will take less time, but if you want to keep them on longer you’ll have to carry around the glue, if you want to be care free acrylic nails are the best.
  5. The easiest to use are the store bought fake nails, because you have to make an appointment to even get in to do your nails, then when your nails grow out you’ll have to get them filled in and that involves another appointment, and more money.
  6. The age range for preference is based really on the ability to sit still for an hour and a half while a strange does your nails: Five to Eleven store bought. Thirteen to Sixteen acrylic and fake. Above acrylic.

I hope this post helped you out with your choice, either soon or in the future and what you think is best for your nails.

Nails from Claire’s:

Acrylic/Professionally done:



Enjoy and have fun!

The pictures shown here do not belong to me follow link to get more information!

San Bernardino Shooting

December 12th, 2015:

Yesterday, in San Bernardino CA, in Inland Regional Center building where a holiday gathering for the disabled was taking place, at least two  gun men opened fire between Eleven and Noon, fourteen lives have been lost and seventeen injured.

The gun men have been said to been wearing dark tactical suits, and they entered a moving shoot out with police officers in a black SUV (the woman drove as the man shot), where one office was injured. During the shoot out two of the shooters where shot and killed one male and one female, a male suspect was caught running near the crime scene, he was detained, but police are not yet sure if he was another shooter or not. Then later a house in RedLands, CA was under a warranted search for explosives and other clues and items thought to be linked to the shooting by a tip offices followed.

Then two hours after the shooting, the bomb squad were searching the area, because of a bomb looking device flying out the window during the chase. When the squad found two suspicious items, the bomb squad was riddled with the thoughts and contemplating whether or not to blow up the two suspicious looking objects thought to be a bomb, one was apparently a pipe bomb.

One of the shooters where later identified as Syed Farook,28, an inspector with the county health department, who reportedly, just abruptly left the event at the Inland Regional Center before the shooting.The other  Tashfeen Malik, 27, nationality for either of the shooters has not been determined at this time. One of the guns used was apparently illegally purchased and traced back to someone who is possibly connected to the shooting. One of the rifles were like AR-15’s, or a similar type of gun, they were also armed with hand guns. After leaving the build some think that the tow went there in a mission and didn’t go back home to change clothing and grab guns, we are lead to believe that they came prepared to do what they did.

The (later) assumed couple, reportedly dropped off their six month old daughter at her grandmas house, before carrying out the shooting.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families, not only them but the witnesses, you can never go back once you’ve experienced something like this.

I will not say enjoy this time, but I’ll say pray for the fourteen victims families and the seventeen injured…


None of the pictures belong to me follow the links to find more out about them.

Playing Safe Online!

I have previously done a “Ways to Stay Safe Online for 3 Things!” post (you can find on my page), but now I’m doing games online! If you have kids that are trying to explore the wonderfully dangerous world of the Internet, and they want to find games to play, here’s how you can make sure they stay safe and have fun in  steps!

  1. Make sure that the game site is well known and virus free: to do so get a protector against viruses like AVG, the free version won’t let you download anything with a virus on it and it will warn you if you’re on a site with potentially harmful software that will embed it’s self into your devices hardware.
  2. Next don’t give personal information such as address, state, or real name: most games will ask for the email to secure the password in case you forget it, or for parent permission to let you know what is going on with your child, if they’re doing wrong or someone reported them. They will ask the birth date to know how old they are, so they know if they are old enough. Then they’ll ask the country or country to know what language they speak, very few games will take the language and translate what ever they say to another players language, most games will have the primary language as English.
  3. Then most games will allow the user to communicate with other players: make sure your child knows the basics, don’t give out age, state, country, address, or real name to the other players. If you don’t want the child to communicate with strangers then this game will allow the parent to pick “Safe Chat” witch will allow the child the communication or the games necessary chat, but can only say certain things, the game is Club Penguin.
  4. Wanting games that are fun for your child? Here are some: Club Penguin (free without membership, safe chat/chat), Roblox (free without membership, chat with block on profanity), Minecraft (26.97+tax, chat/single player mode), Agario (free, no chat), Town of Salem (free without Steam, chat with profanity block), for more games go to:

I own none of the pictures shown on this site please follow the links for more information of the sites. All credit reserved for the owners!

Please do check out AbsurdBanana for more games! If you have a problems with one of the games listed on my site please notify me immediately, thank you and enjoy!

The games is Bold Italic are games that I know can have someone be reported if someone asks something personal, bullies, etc.

Hope you enjoy the safety that your child will have while having fun!


Changing it Up for 2016!

Well therandomthingsof2015 is going through a change, the site will stay the same but the site title with change from 2015 to 2016, small change I know, but now a new year is going to start and so is a new site!

This is a short post of things to come thanks for reading!

Christmas Coming is Closer!

As Christmas is coming closer people are worried about when or what to get that certain someone, some don’t know what to get another person? Well, here is something that might help, people around Christmas will hint at something they really want, especially the smaller ones about seven to fifteen.

If they don’t hint at what they want here are some age ranges and the level of difficulty of shopping for, that might help:
Zero to Six-(Easiest) Anything Noisy and colorful.

Baby Sleeping By Gift Boxes

Seven to Eleven-(Some what Easy) Anything that hits what they can’t do, but want to, such as a cooking set, shopping set, fake phone, play makeup, little cars, dolls, etc.Cooking set

Twelve to Fourteen-(Some what Hard) Electronic stuff that enters but does not submerge the child in electronics or and stuff to entertain the new ideas that are entering their heads and making way for imagination, such as remote controlled cars, helicopters, art supplies, craft kits, assembly kits, etc.
Remote Car 2Remote Car 1
Thirteen to Twenty-Five
-(Hard) Basically Electronics, such as phones computers, tables, iPod, Kindle, iPad, T.V., etc.Electronic
Twenty-Six to Sixty-(Harder) Find what they need or want, house-hold items, more electronics, gift cards, etc.
Older-(Hardest) Well around the age of fifty most people will stop asking for stuff and when you ask them they’ll tell you not to get them anything, for this age group gift cards, and cards will just about do it, they more like the sentiment then the gift its self, but for this age group you need to pay attention to what they say they need all year round. It’s hard to get them a gift in the last two months of the year, so pay attention, most people around this age group will get them-selves the things they need before so getting them a Christmas card and a gift card or money with a note telling them to get what they need, or something like; What do I get the person that gets themselves everything they need an want before others can? Merry

Well I hope this helped you with your Christmas shopping!

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!


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