As Christmas is coming closer people are worried about when or what to get that certain someone, some don’t know what to get another person? Well, here is something that might help, people around Christmas will hint at something they really want, especially the smaller ones about seven to fifteen.

If they don’t hint at what they want here are some age ranges and the level of difficulty of shopping for, that might help:
Zero to Six-(Easiest) Anything Noisy and colorful.

Baby Sleeping By Gift Boxes


Seven to Eleven-(Some what Easy) Anything that hits what they can’t do, but want to, such as a cooking set, shopping set, fake phone, play makeup, little cars, dolls, etc.Cooking set www.aliexpress.com

Twelve to Fourteen-(Some what Hard) Electronic stuff that enters but does not submerge the child in electronics or and stuff to entertain the new ideas that are entering their heads and making way for imagination, such as remote controlled cars, helicopters, art supplies, craft kits, assembly kits, etc.
Remote Car 2Remote Car 1
Thirteen to Twenty-Five
-(Hard) Basically Electronics, such as phones computers, tables, iPod, Kindle, iPad, T.V., etc.Electronic Giftsptcomputers.org
Twenty-Six to Sixty-(Harder) Find what they need or want, house-hold items, more electronics, gift cards, etc.
Older-(Hardest) Well around the age of fifty most people will stop asking for stuff and when you ask them they’ll tell you not to get them anything, for this age group gift cards, and cards will just about do it, they more like the sentiment then the gift its self, but for this age group you need to pay attention to what they say they need all year round. It’s hard to get them a gift in the last two months of the year, so pay attention, most people around this age group will get them-selves the things they need before so getting them a Christmas card and a gift card or money with a note telling them to get what they need, or something like; What do I get the person that gets themselves everything they need an want before others can? Merry Christmas...www.versusbattle.com

Well I hope this helped you with your Christmas shopping!

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!