I have previously done a “Ways to Stay Safe Online for 3 Things!” post (you can find on my page), but now I’m doing games online! If you have kids that are trying to explore the wonderfully dangerous world of the Internet, and they want to find games to play, here’s how you can make sure they stay safe and have fun in  steps!

  1. Make sure that the game site is well known and virus free: to do so get a protector against viruses like AVG, the free version won’t let you download anything with a virus on it and it will warn you if you’re on a site with potentially harmful software that will embed it’s self into your devices hardware.
  2. Next don’t give personal information such as address, state, or real name: most games will ask for the email to secure the password in case you forget it, or for parent permission to let you know what is going on with your child, if they’re doing wrong or someone reported them. They will ask the birth date to know how old they are, so they know if they are old enough. Then they’ll ask the country or country to know what language they speak, very few games will take the language and translate what ever they say to another players language, most games will have the primary language as English.
  3. Then most games will allow the user to communicate with other players: make sure your child knows the basics, don’t give out age, state, country, address, or real name to the other players. If you don’t want the child to communicate with strangers then this game will allow the parent to pick “Safe Chat” witch will allow the child the communication or the games necessary chat, but can only say certain things, the game is Club Penguin.
  4. Wanting games that are fun for your child? Here are some: Club Penguin (free without membership, safe chat/chat), Roblox (free without membership, chat with block on profanity), Minecraft (26.97+tax, chat/single player mode), Agario (free, no chat), Town of Salem (free without Steam, chat with profanity block), for more games go to:  https://absurdbanana.wordpress.com/

play.google.com     www.clubpenguin.com/

www.ign.com     minecraft.net

play.google.com   agar.io

www.giantbomb.com    https://www.blankmediagames.com/

mmohuts.com        www.roblox.com/


I own none of the pictures shown on this site please follow the links for more information of the sites. All credit reserved for the owners!

Please do check out AbsurdBanana for more games! If you have a problems with one of the games listed on my site please notify me immediately, thank you and enjoy!

The games is Bold Italic are games that I know can have someone be reported if someone asks something personal, bullies, etc.

Hope you enjoy the safety that your child will have while having fun!