December 12th, 2015:

Yesterday, in San Bernardino CA, in Inland Regional Center building where a holiday gathering for the disabled was taking place, at least two  gun men opened fire between Eleven and Noon, fourteen lives have been lost and seventeen injured.


The gun men have been said to been wearing dark tactical suits, and they entered a moving shoot out with police officers in a black SUV (the woman drove as the man shot), where one office was injured. During the shoot out two of the shooters where shot and killed one male and one female, a male suspect was caught running near the crime scene, he was detained, but police are not yet sure if he was another shooter or not. Then later a house in RedLands, CA was under a warranted search for explosives and other clues and items thought to be linked to the shooting by a tip offices followed.


Then two hours after the shooting, the bomb squad were searching the area, because of a bomb looking device flying out the window during the chase. When the squad found two suspicious items, the bomb squad was riddled with the thoughts and contemplating whether or not to blow up the two suspicious looking objects thought to be a bomb, one was apparently a pipe bomb.


One of the shooters where later identified as Syed Farook,28, an inspector with the county health department, who reportedly, just abruptly left the event at the Inland Regional Center before the shooting.The other  Tashfeen Malik, 27, nationality for either of the shooters has not been determined at this time. One of the guns used was apparently illegally purchased and traced back to someone who is possibly connected to the shooting. One of the rifles were like AR-15’s, or a similar type of gun, they were also armed with hand guns. After leaving the build some think that the tow went there in a mission and didn’t go back home to change clothing and grab guns, we are lead to believe that they came prepared to do what they did.

The (later) assumed couple, reportedly dropped off their six month old daughter at her grandmas house, before carrying out the shooting.





My heart goes out to the victims and their families, not only them but the witnesses, you can never go back once you’ve experienced something like this.

I will not say enjoy this time, but I’ll say pray for the fourteen victims families and the seventeen injured…


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