Well the controversy of store bought to acrylic still stands:

  1. “What kind should I use?”
  2. “What would be best for me and my nails?”
  3. “What’s more cost effective but worth it?”
  4. “What will take less time but be worth my time?”
  5. “What will be easiest to use?”
  6. “What do others prefer in my age range?”

These are questions many women and young ladies ask them selves to make their nails look beautiful without the hassle of painting them just to watch them chip.

  1. What kind  you use will be up to you and this post is to help you out with you choice.
  2. The best kind of fake nails you to use are store bought (Claire’s are the good quality ones), because if you want to take the acrylic nails off, they are attached to your nails as tightly as humanly possible, fake store bought nails are easy to remove, and won’t damage your nail bed. If that’s damaged it will take ten months to grow back, but that’s only if you rip them of, let them grow out a bit and  file them down (that’s the alternative to the chemical bath to get them off).
  3. Store bought nails are the cheapest, but won’t hold as good as acrylic nails will, but if you get a good quality nail/nail glue, it will be truly worth it. Good quality store bought nails for about twenty-four nails is about $6.50 without tax (Claire’s average price).
  4. Store bought nails will take less time, but if you want to keep them on longer you’ll have to carry around the glue, if you want to be care free acrylic nails are the best.
  5. The easiest to use are the store bought fake nails, because you have to make an appointment to even get in to do your nails, then when your nails grow out you’ll have to get them filled in and that involves another appointment, and more money.
  6. The age range for preference is based really on the ability to sit still for an hour and a half while a strange does your nails: Five to Eleven store bought. Thirteen to Sixteen acrylic and fake. Above acrylic.

I hope this post helped you out with your choice, either soon or in the future and what you think is best for your nails.

Nails from Claire’s:


Acrylic/Professionally done:




Enjoy and have fun!

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