Knowing that you want a pet for the household, just for yourself, or others, but not knowing what kind of pet to get is stressful, here’s something that might relieve that stress.

When looking for the right pet you need to understand why you’re getting that pet, the people it’ll be around, what age range the pet will be around, and the pets qualities and or behavior.

Understanding Why: When you get a pet is it for comfort, play, protection, or a legalized companion pet. Comfort pets are usually cats or dogs. Play are anything from cats or fish, to birds or turtles, dogs or snakes, spiders or hamsters, but for running around the yard dogs and or cats are the best; most others won’t want to go outside or can’t because of the cold or getting loose. Protection is usually a big dog, German Sheppard, Lab, Retriever, Husky, Pit Bulls, Bull Dogs, anything that will be loyal and still pack a punch to an intruder. If you have kids in the house it’s probably not a good idea to have a protecting dog, they are trained to detect certain things ruff housing, running, yelling, anything along they lines of that they could mistake for an intruder or dangerous actions, they might attack the child. If they get loose it’s a good idea to call Animal Patrol they are trained and skilled in taking care of these types of dogs that get loose, don’t chase after one of these dogs, you might get bit or worse let the neighbor hood know not to run after the dog. It’s a bad idea to let the dog out for a long period of time the longer the dog is left out alone, the greater chance a child or another might approach it and get attacked. Legalized companion is almost any animal possible, that is, if you have gone and got the papers and paid to have it legalized, it only costs about $50-$60 to get it all done, but it’s worth it for other purposes, you can then take the animal in to almost any store and or public

Understanding People: Strange people will almost always be around you’re pet so it doesn’t really matter what kind of animal you get, just make sure it’s well behaved, tell people if it is miss behaved or doesn’t like other people so you don’t get in trouble no matter what kind or dog, in case a child wants to pet your dog, in case the bites or does anything the person can sue you for.

Understanding Age: Small animals are good for small kids, small animals are always better for someone who has a disability. Smaller kids tend to mistreat the animal, not in the way it would count as animal abuse, but just being rough with it until they understand small/medium size (or at least not fully grown yet but not a baby) so it stand the rough actions.                        

When getting a snake do not get one that can grow very big if you have children or are planning on having children, they snake could harm your child and if it got out it could be dangerous for you and others.              Super Cute~!

Hopefully this post caught your interest and it helped you with your animal selection.