New Year, New Name!


January 2016

A Poem To Express it All

People say that this is a free country,
That anyone is welcome here,
I can’t bare the thought of the future.
Help for the helpless isn’t free,
Turning them away to bring a tear,
No help to kid, ma’am or sir.

Thrown punches below the belt,
Giving way for the past to surface,
Getting to the top the dirty way.
The sorrow made isn’t felt,
The prize for this is no sash or lace,
This will happen from day to day.

Not wanting my kids to be like the World,
Not wanting guns and abortion to be a habit,
Is that such a bad thing?
People say to keep quiet, speak no word,
Just to hid in a hole such as a rabbit,
The pain of sorrow is more than a sting.

I think if we acted then-,
If we showed respect-,
What’s this country coming to?
Our sons becoming men,
Our kids corrupt and wrecked,
Can’t this stop with me and you?

All that I want is peace,
All I want is quiet,
Along with 4.5 Billion more.
No more shootings at the least,
This is just the way I need it,
This is more than just a chore.

Everyone looks down,
No one looks up,
I hope to change this feeling.
I hope I am safe in this town,
I hope tears no longer fill a cup,
Everyone just needs healing.

ISIS thinks it’s strong,
ISIS is trying hard,
ISIS is getting bigger.
I hope I’m not wrong,
If I just play the right card,
If I can stop the first trigger.

No one will understand,
When the world finally ends,
Why it came to that.
Listen for once; not to demand,
Everyone’s mind will bind,
Running from here to there like a rat.

So if you don’t want chaos,
No city rampages,
No fear of walking down the street.
No more fear of loss,
Felling like we’re locked in cages,
Instead; feeling something sweet.

Looking up,
Instead of down,
Looking bright.
Empty tear cup,
Safety in town,
So much light.

People will understand then,
Kids safe to play,
No missing hope.
Unafraid to grin,
Laughing every day,
Uncommon to mope.

Tell me the sweet sounds of laughter,
The bright rosy cheeks,
The beauty of the smile.
The finished picture after,
Not afraid to speak,
This has not happened in a while.

Tell me this doesn’t sound,
No feeling blue,
Worth Praising.

This is the World I want,
The world I need,
The world of dreams.
Something I could flaunt,
Someplace anyone could feed,
Even better then it seems.

Stop fighting,
Stop throwing punches,
Stop all the violence.
Be enlightening,
Be how it is,
Wait for the piece of silence.

When everyone is aloud,
When color is excepted,
When guns are gone.
When everyone’s not too proud,
When no one’s selected,
When it’s brain over brawn.

Where people can find safety,
Where people are just people,
Not shoved because of color or race.
Where nothing is shaky,
Where joy isn’t from a needle,
Where evil has no trace.

Where no more evil is found,
When no one is denied,
I find a place where I can be.
No one pushed to the ground,
What if no one lied,
What if it was truly free?
~Karrissah Smith


Please if you feel moved in any way let me know, this just came flowing to me. Please do not use any part that you see or read hear without giving proper credit.


New Year, New Name

Well, this year is going to be a good one, and for those who think it won’t be, you’re just looking at it all wrong! When you get up in the morning and realize you’ve just been fired from your last job that was supporting your living arrangements and sit on the couch moping; you don’t realize this is a chance for you to find a better job, or start a business of your own.

When you realize your boyfriend or girlfriend left you, but you don’t realize that if they left you they weren’t meant to be and you have a chance to find someone who is.

When you realize that your house was burnt down, but you don’t realize those you are there for you and are willing to help you in your time of need. Those who have always been there for you and or will continue to be there for you.

When you wake up and realize the road snowed over and you can’t get to work, but you don’t realize that you’re fortunate to be inside out of the cold.

When those have left you because you’re now homeless, with no money, and the money was the reason you had those friends, but you don’t realize that the friends you have before have their arms out wide.

When you realize that a robber stole everything from you, but not that your family is safe still.

When you aren’t having a good day at all, but you have good health, a warm bed, a loving caring community, the world isn’t destroyed, you have food, and another day on this loving Earth.

Look on the bright side of things, lest you fall away from the hope that things will get better, or else everything will be as dark as the color black.

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