Well, this year is going to be a good one, and for those who think it won’t be, you’re just looking at it all wrong! When you get up in the morning and realize you’ve just been fired from your last job that was supporting your living arrangements and sit on the couch moping; you don’t realize this is a chance for you to find a better job, or start a business of your own.


When you realize your boyfriend or girlfriend left you, but you don’t realize that if they left you they weren’t meant to be and you have a chance to find someone who is.


When you realize that your house was burnt down, but you don’t realize those you are there for you and are willing to help you in your time of need. Those who have always been there for you and or will continue to be there for you.


When you wake up and realize the road snowed over and you can’t get to work, but you don’t realize that you’re fortunate to be inside out of the cold.


When those have left you because you’re now homeless, with no money, and the money was the reason you had those friends, but you don’t realize that the friends you have before have their arms out wide.


When you realize that a robber stole everything from you, but not that your family is safe still.


When you aren’t having a good day at all, but you have good health, a warm bed, a loving caring community, the world isn’t destroyed, you have food, and another day on this loving Earth.


Look on the bright side of things, lest you fall away from the hope that things will get better, or else everything will be as dark as the color black.