People. People are complicated. People are intricate. People are unique. People are defined, but yet stand undefined. People are unpredictable, but yet predictable. People are to destroy, but some build and fix. This is the world now, unstable, but yet stable. Some say how is this possible? How can it be? What do you mean? Well you’re going to find out.

​People view the world in different ways. Exciting, boring, bland, unusual, repetitive, erratic, sensational, painful, joyous, annoying, and more. What do you see it as? What people see the world as reflects the moods on a daily basis. Exciting: Exuberant. Boring: Emotionless. Bland: Bored. Unusual: Curious. Repetitive: Looking for adventure. Erratic: Violent and mad. Sensational: At peace. Painful: Self-harming and sad. Joyous: Joyful. Annoying: Easily upset. What you see it as is you’re choice, if the birds are still chirping they’re still alive. If you get up in the morning you’re still alive. If you’re coffee maker is broken, you had enough money to get one in the first place. If you’re car brakes down, you still have a car. If it rains, you’re not in a drought. If it’s hot in the summer, you’re not flooding or stuck in a blizzard freezing to death. If you locked you’re self out of you’re house, it means you have one.

People who see the world as exciting, unusual, sensational, or joyous are the type that lead to world peace or would make a good leader. Others who see it as boring, bland, or repetitive aren’t happy with what they have and don’t see the good light in the world and how good it is. The rest who see the world as erratic, painful, or annoying can’t see any light, and they think they have to end it for themselves or others. They don’t understand it doesn’t have to be that way, most the time no one can talk them out of they situation, to them is seems like they’ve it a dead end. Who can fix it for them? Show them that they can breathe without assistance, or aren’t in a coma? We are to focused as nations on who is getting stronger, who is the bigger threat, how to take out that threat. Not who’s in trouble, how can we help, what is the biggest thing we can do; even if it’s small will it be enough to start up everyone else and rally their help?

If, as nations, we can band together and show a little help, someone else will help, and it will start a chain and that chain, even if I wasn’t enough, reaction will be enough. Can’t the fighting stop and the growing up commence? If we’re in war and someone asked why, we’d point the finger and say, “They started it!” Like two children getting scolded for braking a vase. Why do the youth seem to have more of the answers than the adults? For once will some one step up and be the bigger man and stop fighting, and start mending? Mending broken lands. Mending broken homes. Mending broken families. Mending broken lives. Mending all the broken hearts.
​~Karrissah Smith