Through all of what I have learned so far, in my short life span, one thing I know for sure is that people will say what they need to to get to the top. People will talk about unity and how it should be, making promises left and right, never going through with anything causing people to be ripped apart further. If there is one thing I know about unity it’s that it takes real innocence to still hope and dream for it, something adults no longer have. Innocence to the world around them, this sounds like children, right? Well that’s really whats happening here the innocence is what shows, here at this age. What shows at an older age? We will tell our kids not to fight, not to hit, don’t steal, be kind to one another, behave, do what’s right for every one, share, and don’t be afraid of being different. Adults are hypocritical as ever. People say being a child is amazing and most just want to be a kid forever. Has a child ever asked you a serious question? Have they ever asked why are you crying? Are you okay? Why don’t people ever stand up to the bad people? Why is the man or woman on T.V. so mean? Why don’t we all just share? Can’t we just get along? Why can’t I go outside after dinner? Why do you have to watch me when I am out side? Why are you scared?

One day I was thinking and remembering a question I asked my mother when I was about four or five. I held her hand after she came home from work, I can’t remember if she was crying or not, but she was very upset. I asked her, “Why are you upset?” She said, “I think we have to move soon.” We moved a lot, but at this time we were living with my aunt and uncle, I didn’t really understand. Then, “So are we all going to get bigger bedrooms? If so I want to share a room with Angie.” Angie was my cousin Angela. My mom said, “Angie isn’t coming, it’s just you’re brother and sisters who are coming with.” “Why?” If she wasn’t crying before she was now, I can clearly remember going to get a tissue and pulling the box down on me. “There isn’t enough room in the car for them to come.” It was late at night and often I would sleep on the couch until my mom came home and she’d would take me to bed with her. We would stay up late and talk. No one else could just sit and talk with out being sent back to bed. Next week I was at school with my “boyfriend” and the teacher told me my grandmother was here to pick me up, she didn’t live in California, that’s where we were at the time. So it was a visit from grandma. I asked her where we were going and she said to her house in Oregon. I ask why, and my sister who was sitting next to me said, “Our uncle says he’s missing money and now we have to move because he’s mad at us.” Of course I was little so i asked a hundred questions. “How much?” My sister, at the time I didn’t know she was, bust she was being sarcastic, “A penny.” I pulled out a penny and asked if we could stay. Everyone laughed but they said no. “Why can’t he just be happy and share? It’s just a penny he shouldn’t be mad.

It was a little over $200, at the time I didn’t understand anything. The best kind of wisdom, I think, is innocent wisdom. Then at least ever one could look an d be happy. Don’t fight, don’t hit, don’t steal, be kind to one another, behave, do what’s right for every one, share, and don’t be afraid of being different. That penny, that single penny is showing that even a small child can try to make amends.

Showing unity is more than just speaking of unity. It’s that penny, a single cent, but it’s a sense of unity it’s showing unity.