I know that I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I have to make this meaningful.

The title, Long Time ,No See, isn’t just a title for saying I’ve been gone for a while, it’s a double title, meaning it has two meanings! Here I go:

A babies first breath, a babies first sight of the world, horrible and bright, but yet beautiful and calm. This isn’t always the case, but when it is the mother welcomes the new born baby into the  world with a name, hers was Hermosa, meaning beautiful in Spanish. Hermosa was suppose to be deformed and still born but if she wasn’t still born, she was suppose to be autistic, and have many problems with her heath. The doctors asked them if they wanted to have an abortion.

Hermosa’s parents were tight for money and the doctor said that she would have to have many surgeries and they wouldn’t be cheap. The two sat and thought, in the end the mother asked for an estimate. It would total half a million. Still the two were not swayed they went along with the pregnancy, saving all the money they could in case Hermosa wasn’t still born.

By the time the baby was suppose to be born they had nearly half of what they needed. Hermosa’s mother was in labor for thirty-one hours, did not have any pain medication in case to cause an allergic reaction to the child. After Hermosa was born she did not cry, but the mother did. They rushed the new born baby to a little table with glass surroundings and doctor after doctor was over the small child, after  a minute and 23 seconds of the nightmare, there was a lovely shriek coming from that direction. The doctor thought that since the air was cut off from the baby for so long she might have some level of brain damage.

Thirteen years later Hermosa was the star athlete of her Junior High sports teams, and because her parents had saved up so much money for Hermosa earlier, they were able to get out the the situation they in and have more money to invest in the house to fix it up. After they fixed their house they sold it and move next to a big time business owner and became good friends with him and was able to get a job that he never thought he would be qualified to do.

Hermosa was straight A’s, in honors classes, and was able to get into NJHS and become the president. Hermosa was the most beautiful gift of all. She was able to make her parents proud and save her and her parents from the situations they were in.

About two years later the three were shopping at a store and ended up running into the same doctor that asked if they wanted to abort Hermosa. They talked and asked who the fifteen year old girl was, he was surprised to hear it was Hermosa and what she and her parents had accomplished. He thought she would have never be able to even walk and learn much less play sports and be at the top of her classes. The first thing that doctor said to the parents was, “Long time, no see.” Hermosa was beautiful in every way.