New Year, New Name!

Long Time, No See

I know that I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I have to make this meaningful.

The title, Long Time ,No See, isn’t just a title for saying I’ve been gone for a while, it’s a double title, meaning it has two meanings! Here I go:

A babies first breath, a babies first sight of the world, horrible and bright, but yet beautiful and calm. This isn’t always the case, but when it is the mother welcomes the new born baby into the  world with a name, hers was Hermosa, meaning beautiful in Spanish. Hermosa was suppose to be deformed and still born but if she wasn’t still born, she was suppose to be autistic, and have many problems with her heath. The doctors asked them if they wanted to have an abortion.

Hermosa’s parents were tight for money and the doctor said that she would have to have many surgeries and they wouldn’t be cheap. The two sat and thought, in the end the mother asked for an estimate. It would total half a million. Still the two were not swayed they went along with the pregnancy, saving all the money they could in case Hermosa wasn’t still born.

By the time the baby was suppose to be born they had nearly half of what they needed. Hermosa’s mother was in labor for thirty-one hours, did not have any pain medication in case to cause an allergic reaction to the child. After Hermosa was born she did not cry, but the mother did. They rushed the new born baby to a little table with glass surroundings and doctor after doctor was over the small child, after  a minute and 23 seconds of the nightmare, there was a lovely shriek coming from that direction. The doctor thought that since the air was cut off from the baby for so long she might have some level of brain damage.

Thirteen years later Hermosa was the star athlete of her Junior High sports teams, and because her parents had saved up so much money for Hermosa earlier, they were able to get out the the situation they in and have more money to invest in the house to fix it up. After they fixed their house they sold it and move next to a big time business owner and became good friends with him and was able to get a job that he never thought he would be qualified to do.

Hermosa was straight A’s, in honors classes, and was able to get into NJHS and become the president. Hermosa was the most beautiful gift of all. She was able to make her parents proud and save her and her parents from the situations they were in.

About two years later the three were shopping at a store and ended up running into the same doctor that asked if they wanted to abort Hermosa. They talked and asked who the fifteen year old girl was, he was surprised to hear it was Hermosa and what she and her parents had accomplished. He thought she would have never be able to even walk and learn much less play sports and be at the top of her classes. The first thing that doctor said to the parents was, “Long time, no see.” Hermosa was beautiful in every way.


Showing Unity


Through all of what I have learned so far, in my short life span, one thing I know for sure is that people will say what they need to to get to the top. People will talk about unity and how it should be, making promises left and right, never going through with anything causing people to be ripped apart further. If there is one thing I know about unity it’s that it takes real innocence to still hope and dream for it, something adults no longer have. Innocence to the world around them, this sounds like children, right? Well that’s really whats happening here the innocence is what shows, here at this age. What shows at an older age? We will tell our kids not to fight, not to hit, don’t steal, be kind to one another, behave, do what’s right for every one, share, and don’t be afraid of being different. Adults are hypocritical as ever. People say being a child is amazing and most just want to be a kid forever. Has a child ever asked you a serious question? Have they ever asked why are you crying? Are you okay? Why don’t people ever stand up to the bad people? Why is the man or woman on T.V. so mean? Why don’t we all just share? Can’t we just get along? Why can’t I go outside after dinner? Why do you have to watch me when I am out side? Why are you scared?

One day I was thinking and remembering a question I asked my mother when I was about four or five. I held her hand after she came home from work, I can’t remember if she was crying or not, but she was very upset. I asked her, “Why are you upset?” She said, “I think we have to move soon.” We moved a lot, but at this time we were living with my aunt and uncle, I didn’t really understand. Then, “So are we all going to get bigger bedrooms? If so I want to share a room with Angie.” Angie was my cousin Angela. My mom said, “Angie isn’t coming, it’s just you’re brother and sisters who are coming with.” “Why?” If she wasn’t crying before she was now, I can clearly remember going to get a tissue and pulling the box down on me. “There isn’t enough room in the car for them to come.” It was late at night and often I would sleep on the couch until my mom came home and she’d would take me to bed with her. We would stay up late and talk. No one else could just sit and talk with out being sent back to bed. Next week I was at school with my “boyfriend” and the teacher told me my grandmother was here to pick me up, she didn’t live in California, that’s where we were at the time. So it was a visit from grandma. I asked her where we were going and she said to her house in Oregon. I ask why, and my sister who was sitting next to me said, “Our uncle says he’s missing money and now we have to move because he’s mad at us.” Of course I was little so i asked a hundred questions. “How much?” My sister, at the time I didn’t know she was, bust she was being sarcastic, “A penny.” I pulled out a penny and asked if we could stay. Everyone laughed but they said no. “Why can’t he just be happy and share? It’s just a penny he shouldn’t be mad.

It was a little over $200, at the time I didn’t understand anything. The best kind of wisdom, I think, is innocent wisdom. Then at least ever one could look an d be happy. Don’t fight, don’t hit, don’t steal, be kind to one another, behave, do what’s right for every one, share, and don’t be afraid of being different. That penny, that single penny is showing that even a small child can try to make amends.

Showing unity is more than just speaking of unity. It’s that penny, a single cent, but it’s a sense of unity it’s showing unity.

People, the World Through Their Eyes

People. People are complicated. People are intricate. People are unique. People are defined, but yet stand undefined. People are unpredictable, but yet predictable. People are to destroy, but some build and fix. This is the world now, unstable, but yet stable. Some say how is this possible? How can it be? What do you mean? Well you’re going to find out.

​People view the world in different ways. Exciting, boring, bland, unusual, repetitive, erratic, sensational, painful, joyous, annoying, and more. What do you see it as? What people see the world as reflects the moods on a daily basis. Exciting: Exuberant. Boring: Emotionless. Bland: Bored. Unusual: Curious. Repetitive: Looking for adventure. Erratic: Violent and mad. Sensational: At peace. Painful: Self-harming and sad. Joyous: Joyful. Annoying: Easily upset. What you see it as is you’re choice, if the birds are still chirping they’re still alive. If you get up in the morning you’re still alive. If you’re coffee maker is broken, you had enough money to get one in the first place. If you’re car brakes down, you still have a car. If it rains, you’re not in a drought. If it’s hot in the summer, you’re not flooding or stuck in a blizzard freezing to death. If you locked you’re self out of you’re house, it means you have one.

People who see the world as exciting, unusual, sensational, or joyous are the type that lead to world peace or would make a good leader. Others who see it as boring, bland, or repetitive aren’t happy with what they have and don’t see the good light in the world and how good it is. The rest who see the world as erratic, painful, or annoying can’t see any light, and they think they have to end it for themselves or others. They don’t understand it doesn’t have to be that way, most the time no one can talk them out of they situation, to them is seems like they’ve it a dead end. Who can fix it for them? Show them that they can breathe without assistance, or aren’t in a coma? We are to focused as nations on who is getting stronger, who is the bigger threat, how to take out that threat. Not who’s in trouble, how can we help, what is the biggest thing we can do; even if it’s small will it be enough to start up everyone else and rally their help?

If, as nations, we can band together and show a little help, someone else will help, and it will start a chain and that chain, even if I wasn’t enough, reaction will be enough. Can’t the fighting stop and the growing up commence? If we’re in war and someone asked why, we’d point the finger and say, “They started it!” Like two children getting scolded for braking a vase. Why do the youth seem to have more of the answers than the adults? For once will some one step up and be the bigger man and stop fighting, and start mending? Mending broken lands. Mending broken homes. Mending broken families. Mending broken lives. Mending all the broken hearts.
​~Karrissah Smith

A Poem To Express it All

People say that this is a free country,
That anyone is welcome here,
I can’t bare the thought of the future.
Help for the helpless isn’t free,
Turning them away to bring a tear,
No help to kid, ma’am or sir.

Thrown punches below the belt,
Giving way for the past to surface,
Getting to the top the dirty way.
The sorrow made isn’t felt,
The prize for this is no sash or lace,
This will happen from day to day.

Not wanting my kids to be like the World,
Not wanting guns and abortion to be a habit,
Is that such a bad thing?
People say to keep quiet, speak no word,
Just to hid in a hole such as a rabbit,
The pain of sorrow is more than a sting.

I think if we acted then-,
If we showed respect-,
What’s this country coming to?
Our sons becoming men,
Our kids corrupt and wrecked,
Can’t this stop with me and you?

All that I want is peace,
All I want is quiet,
Along with 4.5 Billion more.
No more shootings at the least,
This is just the way I need it,
This is more than just a chore.

Everyone looks down,
No one looks up,
I hope to change this feeling.
I hope I am safe in this town,
I hope tears no longer fill a cup,
Everyone just needs healing.

ISIS thinks it’s strong,
ISIS is trying hard,
ISIS is getting bigger.
I hope I’m not wrong,
If I just play the right card,
If I can stop the first trigger.

No one will understand,
When the world finally ends,
Why it came to that.
Listen for once; not to demand,
Everyone’s mind will bind,
Running from here to there like a rat.

So if you don’t want chaos,
No city rampages,
No fear of walking down the street.
No more fear of loss,
Felling like we’re locked in cages,
Instead; feeling something sweet.

Looking up,
Instead of down,
Looking bright.
Empty tear cup,
Safety in town,
So much light.

People will understand then,
Kids safe to play,
No missing hope.
Unafraid to grin,
Laughing every day,
Uncommon to mope.

Tell me the sweet sounds of laughter,
The bright rosy cheeks,
The beauty of the smile.
The finished picture after,
Not afraid to speak,
This has not happened in a while.

Tell me this doesn’t sound,
No feeling blue,
Worth Praising.

This is the World I want,
The world I need,
The world of dreams.
Something I could flaunt,
Someplace anyone could feed,
Even better then it seems.

Stop fighting,
Stop throwing punches,
Stop all the violence.
Be enlightening,
Be how it is,
Wait for the piece of silence.

When everyone is aloud,
When color is excepted,
When guns are gone.
When everyone’s not too proud,
When no one’s selected,
When it’s brain over brawn.

Where people can find safety,
Where people are just people,
Not shoved because of color or race.
Where nothing is shaky,
Where joy isn’t from a needle,
Where evil has no trace.

Where no more evil is found,
When no one is denied,
I find a place where I can be.
No one pushed to the ground,
What if no one lied,
What if it was truly free?
~Karrissah Smith


Please if you feel moved in any way let me know, this just came flowing to me. Please do not use any part that you see or read hear without giving proper credit.

New Year, New Name

Well, this year is going to be a good one, and for those who think it won’t be, you’re just looking at it all wrong! When you get up in the morning and realize you’ve just been fired from your last job that was supporting your living arrangements and sit on the couch moping; you don’t realize this is a chance for you to find a better job, or start a business of your own.

When you realize your boyfriend or girlfriend left you, but you don’t realize that if they left you they weren’t meant to be and you have a chance to find someone who is.

When you realize that your house was burnt down, but you don’t realize those you are there for you and are willing to help you in your time of need. Those who have always been there for you and or will continue to be there for you.

When you wake up and realize the road snowed over and you can’t get to work, but you don’t realize that you’re fortunate to be inside out of the cold.

When those have left you because you’re now homeless, with no money, and the money was the reason you had those friends, but you don’t realize that the friends you have before have their arms out wide.

When you realize that a robber stole everything from you, but not that your family is safe still.

When you aren’t having a good day at all, but you have good health, a warm bed, a loving caring community, the world isn’t destroyed, you have food, and another day on this loving Earth.

Look on the bright side of things, lest you fall away from the hope that things will get better, or else everything will be as dark as the color black.

Minecraft Movie!

Part 1: The strange things Carlo finds when searching for a snack in this strange house gets him in a lot of trouble, the adventure and hunger leads him to his destiny. Adventure and survival will lead to the life Carlo needs to pursue away from Sebastian. He will have to be strong to live. Part 1 ends 55 minutes through and continues with “Minecraft Comes to Life” by CarFlo. Watching it all the way through will give you some look what is going on here, and Oliver, Carlo’s friend will come later on. This will become a hot spot for this Show, the adventure will continue next week on the 22nd. Keep posted for the upcoming dates until the adventures end I will post a continuing episode every week.

Picking Perfect Pets!

Knowing that you want a pet for the household, just for yourself, or others, but not knowing what kind of pet to get is stressful, here’s something that might relieve that stress.

When looking for the right pet you need to understand why you’re getting that pet, the people it’ll be around, what age range the pet will be around, and the pets qualities and or behavior.

Understanding Why: When you get a pet is it for comfort, play, protection, or a legalized companion pet. Comfort pets are usually cats or dogs. Play are anything from cats or fish, to birds or turtles, dogs or snakes, spiders or hamsters, but for running around the yard dogs and or cats are the best; most others won’t want to go outside or can’t because of the cold or getting loose. Protection is usually a big dog, German Sheppard, Lab, Retriever, Husky, Pit Bulls, Bull Dogs, anything that will be loyal and still pack a punch to an intruder. If you have kids in the house it’s probably not a good idea to have a protecting dog, they are trained to detect certain things ruff housing, running, yelling, anything along they lines of that they could mistake for an intruder or dangerous actions, they might attack the child. If they get loose it’s a good idea to call Animal Patrol they are trained and skilled in taking care of these types of dogs that get loose, don’t chase after one of these dogs, you might get bit or worse let the neighbor hood know not to run after the dog. It’s a bad idea to let the dog out for a long period of time the longer the dog is left out alone, the greater chance a child or another might approach it and get attacked. Legalized companion is almost any animal possible, that is, if you have gone and got the papers and paid to have it legalized, it only costs about $50-$60 to get it all done, but it’s worth it for other purposes, you can then take the animal in to almost any store and or public

Understanding People: Strange people will almost always be around you’re pet so it doesn’t really matter what kind of animal you get, just make sure it’s well behaved, tell people if it is miss behaved or doesn’t like other people so you don’t get in trouble no matter what kind or dog, in case a child wants to pet your dog, in case the bites or does anything the person can sue you for.

Understanding Age: Small animals are good for small kids, small animals are always better for someone who has a disability. Smaller kids tend to mistreat the animal, not in the way it would count as animal abuse, but just being rough with it until they understand small/medium size (or at least not fully grown yet but not a baby) so it stand the rough actions.                        

When getting a snake do not get one that can grow very big if you have children or are planning on having children, they snake could harm your child and if it got out it could be dangerous for you and others.              Super Cute~!

Hopefully this post caught your interest and it helped you with your animal selection.

Plastic Nails v.s. Pro Nail Job


Well the controversy of store bought to acrylic still stands:

  1. “What kind should I use?”
  2. “What would be best for me and my nails?”
  3. “What’s more cost effective but worth it?”
  4. “What will take less time but be worth my time?”
  5. “What will be easiest to use?”
  6. “What do others prefer in my age range?”

These are questions many women and young ladies ask them selves to make their nails look beautiful without the hassle of painting them just to watch them chip.

  1. What kind  you use will be up to you and this post is to help you out with you choice.
  2. The best kind of fake nails you to use are store bought (Claire’s are the good quality ones), because if you want to take the acrylic nails off, they are attached to your nails as tightly as humanly possible, fake store bought nails are easy to remove, and won’t damage your nail bed. If that’s damaged it will take ten months to grow back, but that’s only if you rip them of, let them grow out a bit and  file them down (that’s the alternative to the chemical bath to get them off).
  3. Store bought nails are the cheapest, but won’t hold as good as acrylic nails will, but if you get a good quality nail/nail glue, it will be truly worth it. Good quality store bought nails for about twenty-four nails is about $6.50 without tax (Claire’s average price).
  4. Store bought nails will take less time, but if you want to keep them on longer you’ll have to carry around the glue, if you want to be care free acrylic nails are the best.
  5. The easiest to use are the store bought fake nails, because you have to make an appointment to even get in to do your nails, then when your nails grow out you’ll have to get them filled in and that involves another appointment, and more money.
  6. The age range for preference is based really on the ability to sit still for an hour and a half while a strange does your nails: Five to Eleven store bought. Thirteen to Sixteen acrylic and fake. Above acrylic.

I hope this post helped you out with your choice, either soon or in the future and what you think is best for your nails.

Nails from Claire’s:

Acrylic/Professionally done:



Enjoy and have fun!

The pictures shown here do not belong to me follow link to get more information!

San Bernardino Shooting

December 12th, 2015:

Yesterday, in San Bernardino CA, in Inland Regional Center building where a holiday gathering for the disabled was taking place, at least two  gun men opened fire between Eleven and Noon, fourteen lives have been lost and seventeen injured.

The gun men have been said to been wearing dark tactical suits, and they entered a moving shoot out with police officers in a black SUV (the woman drove as the man shot), where one office was injured. During the shoot out two of the shooters where shot and killed one male and one female, a male suspect was caught running near the crime scene, he was detained, but police are not yet sure if he was another shooter or not. Then later a house in RedLands, CA was under a warranted search for explosives and other clues and items thought to be linked to the shooting by a tip offices followed.

Then two hours after the shooting, the bomb squad were searching the area, because of a bomb looking device flying out the window during the chase. When the squad found two suspicious items, the bomb squad was riddled with the thoughts and contemplating whether or not to blow up the two suspicious looking objects thought to be a bomb, one was apparently a pipe bomb.

One of the shooters where later identified as Syed Farook,28, an inspector with the county health department, who reportedly, just abruptly left the event at the Inland Regional Center before the shooting.The other  Tashfeen Malik, 27, nationality for either of the shooters has not been determined at this time. One of the guns used was apparently illegally purchased and traced back to someone who is possibly connected to the shooting. One of the rifles were like AR-15’s, or a similar type of gun, they were also armed with hand guns. After leaving the build some think that the tow went there in a mission and didn’t go back home to change clothing and grab guns, we are lead to believe that they came prepared to do what they did.

The (later) assumed couple, reportedly dropped off their six month old daughter at her grandmas house, before carrying out the shooting.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families, not only them but the witnesses, you can never go back once you’ve experienced something like this.

I will not say enjoy this time, but I’ll say pray for the fourteen victims families and the seventeen injured…


None of the pictures belong to me follow the links to find more out about them.

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